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The OutSkirts

The Outskirts corresponds with the IC: Outskirts category on the Discord Server. The following information provides a brief account of the corresponding channels 

for in-character roleplay.


The River stretches to the west and northwest side of Lore, looping around the town and separating it from the Western Woods. It is not uncommon for a thick fog to roll in off the shores and coat the surrounding area. Residents know better than to walk too far along the river’s edge because the shoreline is rumored to stretch into eternity. The shorelines closest to the city feature riverfront parks with picnic benches and sculpture art and are a popular location for summer festivals.



The suburbs of Lore eventually dissolve into rich fields and pastures that house farms growing an abundance of crops and manage livestock. Some Lorefolk prefer the idyllic countryside to the bustling of the city and only head to town to sell their wares.



The lands surrounding Lore are steeped in as much magic as the city itself. The woods stretch on for miles and are thick with trees that seem to shift their locations when no one is paying attention. Scattered throughout the woods are cabins (some occupied and some not), streams, lakes, and hiking trails that lead to fantastic views of nature to those that follow them. The woods are also home to many residents of Lore that cannot or do not choose to live in the city; it’s an especially dangerous place to be at night.

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