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LoreFolk RPG features a small community of experienced players.

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18+ | Mature Audience | 3/3/3 |

No one below 18 admitted


Focus on member-created plots, collaboration, and creativity.



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Our diverse community is comprised of adults who are working, attending classes, raising a family, or otherwise looking for a site that can balance a love of plotting and posting with the demands of daily life.


LoreFolk features an optional server-wide story and freeform locations for members to unleash their creativity. With no word count or species restrictions, our focus is on member created plots and collaboration. At LoreFolk, you roleplay at your pace.

With unstable magic affecting the City of Lore, LoreFolk's setting has a built-in contingency to handle in-character narratives when out-of-character life makes posting a challenge.

Founded in 2017, LoreFolk launched in March 2018 as a 18+ Jcink Forum RP with a Discord sever for community chatter. After celebrating their one year anniversary, LoreFolk made the transition to a Discord Roleplay to better accommodate the needs of the LoreFolk community.

Today, LoreFolk exists as a Discord Server Roleplay with a small but active community of adults who share a love of fantasy, the supernatural, and finding the magic in every day life. Our events occur every

6-8 weeks to allow ample time for participation and have a focus on community both on and offline.


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