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Lore features an optional site-wide plot.

The plot has a slower pace and follows a specific narrative. The goal of the site wide plot is to introduce characters that might not otherwise meet organically and to explore facets of Lore’s setting.

Optional Plot Act One

The Background:

The City of Lore has been protected and governed by the Council of Seven as long as the oldest citizens of Lore can remember. The Seven Seats of the Council are highly coveted positions that assist in keeping the volatile magic of Lore stable. Despite the power associated with the seats, not all of the Council Members’ Identities are public.

Rumors have abounded for years who the hidden council members may be. Lately, the rumors have taken on a different turn: a Seat on the Council is opening up. Several characters receives a summons from a Representative of the Council of Seven. Discretion and secrecy is urged. As it turns out, the rumors of a council seat opening are partially true. One of the council members has been cursed and is wasting away. The other council members are unable to assist unless they, too, become infected by the curse.


Your character, along with a few others, has been requested to assist the Cursed Council Member of Lore. In exchange for your character’s assistance, the Council Member has offered a boon: A wish, granted.

The First Act:

Several citizens responded to the initial call: a satyr named Charmaine, a vampire named Genevieve, and a were-jaguar, Tez, met with Johan, a worker from the council, and Mael, snallygaster who can turn secrets to gold. The group was instructed to collect Kolya, the council member currently holding the cursed seat. Kolya has a reputation as being unwilling to leave his home, leaving the council at a standstill.

The group is tasked with this: Collect Kolya, learn who created the curse or how to break the curse. A wish will be granted.

After arriving, Charmaine and Genevieve had a long discussion with Jonas, a centaur and apartment manager who was unwilling to let them into the apartment. Tez and Johan, meanwhile, came in through the apartment window after fighting tentacles in the street. Kolya, mistaking Tez and Johan for hallucinations, was unwilling to go with them and put up a fight. Luckily for the council but unluckily for Kolya, Genevieve shot him in the leg.

Silver arrives just after Kolya was shot and asks the hard questions: Do they have a lead? How do they know where to search for the origin of break of this curse?

Immobile and at their mercy, Kolya reveals the depths of the curse’s effect on the council.

As the council is responsible for keeping the very magic of Lore stable, an open council seat could result in pieces of Lore becoming unstable, disappearing, or showing up In the Real World. The curse causes whoever to sit on the council seat to die a slow, painful death. Kolya is capable of returning to life each time he dies, which means he is affected by the curse over and over again. The magic he generates upon rebirth keeps Lore stable, but this is a temporary solution.

The Second Act:

The group collects Kolya by stuffing him into a laundry sack and returns to the council headquarters. They are paid and informed that there are two suspects that may have placed the curse. These suspects are Highly Dangerous and Caution is urged. The group splits up to interview the suspects, accompanied by others along the way.


This plot is completely optional.

Members do not have to participate in the site-wide plot to engage in RP in Lore. 

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