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The infographic above provides a brief summary of the overall Setting of Lore. 

More information on the specific in-character locations can be found on the subpages: The City of Lore, Liminal Spaces, and The Outskirts. Optional readings further exploring the setting are linked on these pages.

The below information explores specific features of Lore's setting that enable players to come, go, and post at their own pace without having a negative impact on in-character events.

Nothing is guaranteed. The city of Lore is filled with fluctuating magic that seems to act on its own whims. While the magic is often stable enough that most folk take it for granted that they can enter and leave the city through designated means, such as the Subway and Trains and return to the Real World, nothing is guaranteed.


The magic of Lore also ensures that Lore protects itself. Any damage done to the city without consent will eventually repair itself. Any individual who would seek to exploit or harm Lore simply would not be able to find the way back to Lore.

The setting of LoreFolk encourages players to adapt the setting to their characters and the characters to the setting. The magic of Lore is constantly fluctuating. A spell that saves one character from certain death or lifts a curse may have no effect on another character.

Even the same species will have a wide variety of abilities due to Lore's unstable magic. This means that there is no set canon for species; players are free to chose traits, powers, and abilities as they see fit.


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Lore takes place in current day and age; the date on your calendar reflects the time in Lore. Lorefolk uses fluid time both ICC and OOC. If a player disappears and xir character is no longer in pivotal threads, characters can assume time isn’t working properly for the absent character. The character may reappear or may not. This is unusual but no one in the town of Lore seems to know how to fix it.



Laws in Lore are treated more like suggestions.

The Highest Law of Lore is the Law of Consent: Did the other party agree to what is happening? Were the circumstances made clear? Did the other individual consent to the act?


This results in illegal activities such as murder, rape, and kidnapping to be punished to the fullest extent while not outright outlawing killing, for example, due to the various moralities of the creatures. This does not stop creatures with more nefarious intentions to look for ways to dupe the other party into accepting some horrific consequence.


This creates at atmosphere of paranoid peace. Lore is a relative safe-haven to the magical world provided that everyone sleeps with one eye open.


Consent applies to out-of-character negotiations for how actions will impact in-character narratives. Players are given the opportunity to collaborate on how powers will affect each other's characters. A character who can kill with a single touch will be unable to murder a character without the other player's permission; the fluctuating magic of Lore will come into effect.



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