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At it's very core, Lore is a magical place. Existing between the thresholds of real and imaginary, the natural and supernatural, Lore is a place that seems to be constantly fluctuating. While the city itself appears to be relatively stable, buildings may shift their locations ever so slightly. Beings that possess magic may find their abilities work differently or have unexpected affects in Lore. 

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While the magic of Lore protects itself from harm (damage to buildings and location will eventually repair itself), the Council has several policies in place that aim to prevent unnecessary damage to the city and its inhabitants.

 Offensive magic that would cause damage or seek to endanger lives is not permissible in public areas. 

With the law of consent, willingly engaging in magical acts against another person or creature without permission is considered unlawful. However, cursing itself is not explicitly illegal, resulting in a case-by-case basis. Several lawyers have made a trade in Lore seeking to prosecute or defend the cursed and the curse-workers. 



Lore has a booming magic industry. Raw components (some of questionable origin) can be found for sale in shops and stands throughout the city. The forest and outskirts are farmed or wildcrafted for components. Finished goods, such as amulets and talismans that let non-humanoid creatures obtain a human shape, are common, though the effects and price will vary

It is possible to find a wide variety of magical services, from spells and curses to sale to enchanters willing to enhance abilities and healers looking to cure unexplained illnesses. While success rates in Lore may be high, the fluctuation and saturation of magic in the environment ensures that nothing is ever guaranteed.

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Most public locations in Lore are heavily enchanted for the benefit of its citizens.


The official Language of Lore, Nonsense, ensures that all beings can be understood when occupying public space.

Charms that enable creatures of gigantic or minimal size enable them to occupy space comfortably in Notable Locations such as City Hall, the Hospital, or Library. Many higher end shops and boutiques employ this magic as well.

Individual apartments, residences, or homes may not have the same capabilities or effects. 

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