LoreFolk has a dedicated group of members who work to keep LoreFolk running smoothly behind the scenes.


There is no form or application to be a staff member. Potential Staff Members are contacted by an administrator and are selected based on their demonstrated capabilities to assist Lorefolk. Members who are active in posting, regularly engage in plotting and activities, show enthusiasm for the site, help advertise, express a calm and welcoming demeanor, and volunteer their time to support the site receive first preference in being staff.


Founder & Administrator

Pronouns: Undisclosed

Timezone: CST (& EST)

Raised by wolves in the wilds of Pennsylvania, ReD recently re-located to the Midwest after making a Faustian deal: in exchange for a PhD, ReD would sacrifice cheesesteaks, free time, and sleep.

Now surrounded by corn instead of trees, ReD fills the day with reading, writing, and collecting postcards. ReD is accompanied everywhere by an Australian Shepherd (named Chase) who never learned the meaning of personal space.

A folklore enthusiast, ReD has been roleplaying monsters and creatures with sharp teeth for close to two decades.

World Devourer

Community Relations

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Timezone: GMT

WorldDevourer (Also known as WD) was born in 1776 out of pure British fury at ungrateful colonies.


WD grew up in the north of England, where, for the first few years of his life he was raised by foxes. He admits that this is not as cool as being raised by wolves, but it is still cooler than being raised by badgers. He spent his youth swimming in the duck pond, eating shepherd’s pie and fighting chavs for spare change.


His favorite foods are whisky, the souls of the innocent and Halloumi..


Character management

Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs

Timezone: EST

Grey is new to the mod game but their time with the alligators have hardened their hide so they are finally tough enough to withstand the bites. They themself don't often bite, so you are free to come closer.


They are Canadian by placement and have been actively rping for 12 years. In the dark of the night, when all should be slumbering, they lurk with a sketchbook and pens in the cliffs and lakes of their homeland. They love to introduce new players to the worlds they help tell stories of and invite the weary traveler to spin their own tales. Monsters and fire catch their attention, and if you bring up their old friends, the gators, they will tell you fun facts about each one. 


A special thanks to Anzellous, King, Omino, and World Devourer for initial conceptualization and help refining the concept..


  • Thank you to Omino for Sponsoring LoreFolk from March 2018 - March 2019.


Thank you to the following members for volunteering their time to help LoreFolk grow:

Anzellous, Omino, Botch


Thank you to World Devourer for running Community Nights from October 2019 - Present. Thank you to Greybobo for bringing Lore to Life with gifts of art.


  • Special Thanks to Anzellous for Creating the Daily News & Lore Broadcasts from March 2018 - December 2018

  • Special Thanks to World Devourer for 25 Hour All Day Blood Buffet & March/April 2018 Event (Jackalope Hunt & Day of the Undead). Daily news from 13 November 2019 - Present written by World Devourer.

  • Secondary Advertisement Image (Greyscale Fox) thanks to Birdie


  • Special thanks to Anzellous for adjusting & testing the forum code from January-July 2018

  • Infographics and Layout Design completed by ReD. Image sources from Pixabay & Canva. Monster silhouettes of Natasha Sinegina from Creazilla


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