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In the Spirit of friendship, love, and caring, the Meowls of Lore have banded together to deliver Valentines Messages to the Folk of Lore! 

Submit your messages between now and Saturday, February 13th (2021)! Messages will be viewable on Sunday, February 14th (2021).


To Kolya:

 I was told this is what you do on this day. Send a note to those you find dear. No one told me what to put on it. But this is a note for you.

FROM: Ember

To Ember:

Letter contains a torn out page of "Hope is the Thing with Feathers."  

“Hope” is the thing with feathers -
That perches in the soul -
And sings the tune without the words -
And never stops - at all -

And sweetest - in the Gale - is heard -
And sore must be the storm -
That could abash the little Bird
That kept so many warm 

Thank you for bringing me hope. Happy Valentines Day--your friend Kolya.

FROM: Kolya

To Kolya Zaptastic:

Hey Kolya. I know we're keeping things loose, but the holiday shop on the corner of 3rd and Bachmann was doing half price boxes of chocolate if i brought a valentines day card, so Happy Valentines day. 

FROM: Tez Gann

To Embz

Thank you for not yelling at me when you caught me on your farm reenacting the 'Circle of Life' scene from The Lion King with one of your chickens, who i have named Cluckette. Happy Valentines Day.

FROM: Kitten

To Mael:

Mael. It's time. we must confess our undying love for each other and elope. I'm thinking Milan... or Barcelona. Somewhere with sun where we can grow old together. Maybe run a little B&B. Sip Sangria on the balcony, cradled in each others arms. There is nothing more beautiful than your gorgeous face when you approach me, except the sight of that fine ass when you leave. Love you forever.

FROM: Big Tezzy G

To Indigo

 I just wanted to say that I really enjoy our time together and I'm looking forward to helping you with any favour you could come up with!

FROM: Nilam

To Leia:

Leia is handed a large bouquet by a Meowl that quickly takes off, looking a little green. The arrangement is composed of exotic, pastel-colored flowers, where every other leaf and petal has an iridescent sheen to it.


Upon close inspection these iridescent segments display patterns which play with light in strange but beautiful ways, almost as if each petal was its own kaleidoscope, ever shifting. A letter pokes out from the top.*


These are bismuthian roses. An extremely rare species of flower native to Lore that are criminally underappreciated, though arguably, understandably so: They have a sickeningly sweet smell, so powerful that few can stand being near it, yet its true beauty is only revealed upon close inspection. Most people can only experience them for fleeting moments without a cumbersome amount of infrastructure involved. 


You however, are uniquely capable of enjoying them to your heart's content. I hope their beauty--much as it may pale in comparison to your own--puts a smile on your face.


xoxo, -an admirer


Ps: Make sure they're somewhere light can reach them when the sun sets.

FROM: An Admirer

To Ven:

I hope you're having a spenderific day! Lots of love from your bro Nilam!

FROM: Nilam

To Phoenix

Picture this: You and me. Candles and moonlight. A stocked bar. No clothes. I'll be waiting.


*The card smells of Catherine's perfume, the bottom right corner has a kiss mark left with bright red lipstick. There is an address and time in the back.*

FROM: Catherine

To Kolya

Hope things get better, we should hang out again some time!

FROM: Charmaine

To Bacon

Happy Valentines Day boss! I figured real cigars probably increase your risk of lung cancer and that would suck. Hope a chocolate cigar is an okay substitution! Like Freud said, sometimes a cigar is a cigar! (That's what that means, right?)

FROM: Ven "Moon Moon" Paget

To Catherine Ivy

The package includes one of those DIY massage coupon books with a note written in shaky handwriting: Dear Catherine, hope you can get a massage yourself! This is 100% not a pick-up line. You're amazing!

FROM: Kolya

TO Yoka Sake

 Dear Yoka. I have decided to send you this card out of pity, as, due to your advanced age and the crow feet that have crept in around your eyes as of recent decades, you are unlikely to receive the volume of cards you would be expecting. Please find attached a bottle of wine with which to drown your sorrows. Looking forward to seeing you for book club next sunday. C. Rotmoore.

FROM: Charlie Rotmoore

TO Charmaine

Happy Valentines Day! I think of you whenever I eat soup now. Hope your well. We should do another movie night soon.

FROM: Kolya

To Vanargard Lokison (

One of those heart shape boxes that says I'm Wild About You on it and features a wolf. The inside is not filled with chocolate but beef jerkey.

You always said to be a wolf of few words so i thought i'd let some meat do some talking. Happy V-day boss!

FROM: Ven "Moon Moon" Paget

TO Catherine Ivy

I'd say it's high time we went out on the town, dear Catherine. When we meet, there's sparks, and I'm in the mood to fan the flames

FROM: Phoenix

To Nilam (he drew flower around the name)

Roses are red

violets are blue

i bet you grow hyacinths 

and bluebells, too

Happy Valentines Day, here's some plant fertalizer. Figured you have enough flowers already!

ps i found a mysterious set of footprints by the lake, want to investigate?

FROM: Ven "Moon Moon" Paget

TO Catherine Ivy

 Gosh, I've never written anything like this before...and I mean, I guess these aren't usually platonic? Sorry, sorry. I just wanted to thank you for all you've done for me. I've also enclosed a little portrait of you in here, in a sort of...abstract style. I hope you like it!

FROM:  Eucleia

TO Murphy

The jacket is once again washed, sewn, and patched up. Most of the blood stains are gone, too. There is, however, a red lipstick mark on the inside of the collar--a suggestion.

FROM: Your Wife, Yoka

TO My Daughter, Melody

A red year of the ox envelope with clippings of a rare magical plant ingredient, $50 cash, and a map that, if followed, will lead to a field that grows tulips even in the winter.

You bring magic to my life, kiddo. Love you.

FROM:  Yoka

TO Tez

A bottle of Russian vodka, the good stuff, with a shaky note that is mostly unreadable but says "Happy Valentines Day."

FROM: Kolya

TO Mr T. Gann

An invoice for $300 just titled "emotional damages; replacement sticky notes for the ones mysteriously missing from city hall after The Wolf Sanctuary paid their liquor board fees.

FROM:  The Offices of Mael Evolence, Esq

TO Tez

A bottle of Russian vodka, the good stuff, with a shaky note that is mostly unreadable but says "Happy Valentines Day."

FROM: Kolya

TO Antionette 

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy

but here's a valentine

so happy valentines, maybe?

FROM: Kolya

TO Mozart

A bag of catnip that's shaped like one of those conversation hearts.

FROM: Kolya

TO Ember

That shibari stuff was fuckin' sick. As in like, good. We should high five again some time.

FROM: Jack

TO Dr. Nikita

A bottle of Russian vodka and a pair of safety scissors. There is a note but it's impossible to read because the writing is so shaky.

FROM: Kolya

TO Gwyn

Package contains a small traveling coffee mug. The note reads:

Happy Valentines Day, platonically, in a way that doesnt violate dr/patient rules.

FROM: Kolya

TO Dr. Miya Suzumori

A pleasant Valentines Day to you. Let's get together for a drink some time. All work and no play makes a nekogami and a yokai sour, cranky, and gray. 

FROM: Yoka Sake

TO Kathy

Package contains a loose, soft, black sweater and a gift card to the local grocer.

I know how frustrating it is to bleed on clothes. Black hides the stains. Hang in there.

FROM: Kolya

TO: Niko

Don't forget, you belong to me.

FROM: Lana

TO Iolana

Package contains the original note reading "Don't forget, you belong to me" with a note that says 'Delivery failed, tenant deceased.'



You're probably wondering why nearly everyone is getting these cards today, so I wrote you one. 


It's Valentine's Day, a day where people commemorate those they are pursuing romantically (or sometimes just their friends) by sending them gifts and spending time with them. 


If you are confused by why so many people look forlorn on a seemingly happy occasion, it is because today often makes those who don't have a special someone to spend it with feel lonely.


Explanations aside, in the Valentine's Day spirit of cherishing your friends, this is my message to you:


I'll be forever grateful I had the opportunity to meet you and can now call you my friend. I hope you know that even when we figure out how to get you back up there, you will always have a place down here with me.


Either way, however long it lasts, I will deeply cherish the time we have together. I hope my sentimentality doesn't put you off too much.


Eternally your friend,



Ps: Do let me know if you ever figure out how to lower your body temperature, I could introduce you to the most traditional of Valentine's Day "activities" ;)

FROM: Catherine

TO Ven

To my favorite courier!


The short note is set atop a basket of various chocolate poker chips, each one having a different kind of filling. A literal platinum poker chip, and a gift card sit just below the short note.

FROM:  Trench Coat Dad

TO: Deputy Dorty

Happy Valentines, Deputy! Hope its a good one!

The cat-themed present contains in total, one vampire-cat plushie, five 'Hang In There' styled kitty shirts, and a basket of assorted candies and chocolates.

FROM: Sheriff Bacon

TO Strawberry

Glad you're here, can't wait to see what adventures we get to go on!


The gift basket is hand-woven and filled with flowers growing wildly around town. There are three sized feathers, the smallest of them still far larger than most typical feathers. It's got a strange, metallic-blue colouration to it. The middle-largest is dark brown with a few white streaks running along the grain. These two are eagle feathers, and the third and largest, one the Thunderbird

FROM:  Old Mountain

TO: Kol

Happy Valentines, hope its been a good one for ya! 

Kolya's gift from Bacon is two cartons of smokes, 600 dollars in assorted scratch-off tickets, and a Toy-story themed Snuggy.

FROM: Bacon

TO: Bacon

Thank you my dear brother. I shall make endeavor to make something very special out of them. I love you and I am glad I am here.


Attached to the card is a wood carving of his horse.


FROM:  Antoinette

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2021 in-character Valentines Day Event! We are so grateful to each and every one of our members and for everyone who went out of their way to spread a little bit more in-character cheer.

Happy Valentines Day to Lorefolk!

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