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LoreFolk's community is comprised of 18+ experienced roleplayers who enjoy plotting, story telling, and creating engaging character-based narratives in their threads. To help create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, we ask that you review our rules and guidelines before posting or creating your character.

Language: English

All posts and discord conversations should utilize English.

We ask that members do their best to utilize proper grammar and syntax where possible. We understand that English may not be everyone’s first language. Mistakes will happen. We just ask you do your best to be clear and concise.


Please match your nickname to what you would prefer to be called.

Nicknames must be SFW.

Please avoid frequently changing your nickname.

Restriction: 18+ Mature

LoreFolk is an 18+ community. Any member found to be under the age of 18 will be immediately banned. We take the safety of under 18 roleplayers seriously.

In-character roleplay that is sexually explicit in nature must take place in the NSFW channel found beneath Liminal Spaces. Regular chatter that contains NSFW materials should be posted in #questionable-content .

Verified Members:

LoreFolk takes the safety of underage role-players seriously. LoreFolk requires all players to be 18+ to participate in our community. Additionally, in order to participate in threads containing sexual content, players must receive a Verified Member Role.


To become a Verified Member, a player must provide their date of birth. This information is to ensure all participants are of legal age to be viewing explicit content. Alternatively, if a member may notify a staff member via discord with their date of birth. This is optional and only grants access to the NSFW channels.

Verified Member Form:

Thanks for submitting! Feel free to notify ReD you have submitted!


While mild profanity may be used throughout In-character posts, the Community channels and chats, language, posts, images, or memes that are discriminatory, intended to harass, intimidate, or belittle another member will not be tolerated.

Maintain an Atmosphere of Respect:

We are happy to respect differences in opinion, belief, and value.

We ask that you help create a positive and relaxed atmosphere by not debating in the chat, forums, or discord group and avoid sensitive images and topics such as religion, politics, divisive news, etc. Please avoid spamming gifs.

Please respect a member’s identity, including pronouns, orientation, cultural backgrounds, and values. Bigotry, hate speech, anti-LGBT+ expressions will not be tolerated. We ask that you correct an individual gently if they make a mistake for the first time.


If mistakes are made repeatedly or you feel that you are being harassed, please contact a staff member.

Negative Player Interactions:

Lorefolk highly encourages members to contact a LoreFolk Staff Member following disputes, disagreements, and other negative interactions with other players.

With an 18+ Memberbase, LoreFolk expects players to 'act as adults' and take responsibility for their role in negative interactions. While intention matters, it is still possible to cause a grievance another member even when no ill-will is intended.


We prefer to keep a relaxed, casual atmosphere in our chats and addressing troubling behaviors, comments, and feelings is crucial to helping prevent them from happening again.


Members who experience a negative interaction with a Staff Team Member are encouraged to contact the Administrator, @ReD.


If a negative interaction occurs with an Administrator, Members are encouraged to contact @World Devourer , the Staff Member presently in charge of Member Relations.


LoreFolk features several In-Character categories and Channels for members to roleplay once their Character Application has been approved by a staff member. In addition to member created plots, LoreFolk hosts an optional Official Plot. Roleplay rules apply to both member created and officially run plots and storylines.

Roleplay in IC Channels Only:

Roleplay must be contained to the IC channels only.


Word Count: None

There is no minimum word limit for posts. However, your post should provide enough information for another player to respond.


Post structure:

All in-character posts should take utilize third person, past-tense structure. 

Godmodding & Powerplaying:

LoreFolk encourages discussions and plotting between members. No action of godmodding or powerplaying may be done without the other player's consent. This includes having your character know private information about another player's character without that player's permission; our application includes a reputation section to allow public information (true and not true) for other characters to utilize.


If you feel that a player is godmodding or powerplaying, please contact a staff member. We handle issues of godmodding and powerplaying on a case-by-case basis; members who repeatedly engage in these behaviors will be asked to leave. .

Mature Content:

While we do not utilize trigger warnings, threads that include sexual content must take place in DMs or in the NSFW Channels for Verified Members.


All content must belong to the poster.

LoreFolk does not tolerate theft or plagiarism. Any content posted that is believed to belong to anyone other than the Player will be removed.


Character Negotiations:

Any in-character threads that include fights, arguments, contests, or otherwise should be negotiated by the players (preferably in advance) to determine a winner. If players are unable to decide, a staff member may be requested to determine a winner.

Character Creation:


Lore allows all species, powers, and abilities that relate to folklore, fairy tales, mythology, myth, legend, and more. We are flexible and open in accepting powers but ask that you keep your characters balanced with weaknesses. A Complete List of Character Guidelines can be found in our Character Application in #guidelines.

Canon Characters:

LoreFolk accepts original characters influenced by folklore, mythology, fairtytales, legends, and more. We do not accept Canon Characters from other universes, shows, etc, though you are welcome to base your character off this concept.


Member Created Plots.

LoreFolk allows great flexibility in member-created plots with a few exceptions: member-created plots may not seek to permanently alter any part of Lore's canon.


Character Languages:

If your character speaks another language other than English or has an accent, we ask that you mention this descriptively in the post but still construct all dialogue in English.


In-Character Relationships:

While there is no age restriction on the characters that may be created, characters who present as children, are under the age of 18, or otherwise take the form or mentality of a child are unable to be roleplayed in any sexual scenarios.

Account Maintenance Rules::

LoreFolk is strives to create a community of 18+ roleplayers who love to collaborate in creating engaging narratives through plotting and posting. We encourage our members to post regularly but understand that players' lives may be influenced by work, education, parenting, and other opportunities.

Member IC-Channel Rules::

Members who have been active for a period of 1 month (30 days) may request an in-character location by posting in the #submissions channel. These channels will be archived within 7 days of a player leaving the server.


We ask members to respect the roleplay/life balance.

Please do not harass other members for posts. We recommend allowing at least 7 days between posts to accommodate for real-life situations. Please notify your thread partners and keep them informed of expected absences, lack of muse, or other periods of inactivity to the best of your ability.

While not a rule, we recommend waiting at least 3 weeks from date of last post before utilizing a channel with an in-progress roleplay.

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