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Lore features an optional site-wide plot.

The plot has a slower pace and follows a specific narrative. The goal of the site wide plot is to introduce characters that might not otherwise meet organically and to explore facets of Lore’s setting.

A Mythpunk Retelling of....

.....Red Riding Hood

Mythpunk is a genre of modern fantasy that subverts the various tropes found in fairytales, folklore, and mythology through bizarre, queer, and nonlinear retellings.


Our current main plot is a retelling of Red Riding Hood. Using their original characters, players can complete a prompt with a set objective to help us tell the story of Red Riding Hood, Lorefolk style.

A Black Werewolf

The main plot category features several channels that correspond with a Prompt and an Objective.


 Players can select a prompt that interests them and work towards the objective in anyway in-character. Collaboration and plotting between players for each prompt is highly encouraged and can take place in the #main-plot-plotting . 

Prompts can be completed in any order, at any time, by any players. Finished prompts are posted on our website

How it Works:

  • A minimum of 2 players are needed to complete each prompt (no solo story-telling). If a thread is ongoing and a new player is interested in joining the thread, please tag the players in #main-plot-plotting to collaborate! 

  • Sexually explicit content is only allowed in the NSFW channels for verified members.  Please remember to check in with each other for content/situations that may be uncomfortable for the player and to respect boundaries.

  • Please ping (@) members involved in your prompt when you post when you post by tagging @Main Plot: Chapter with the corresponding chapter. Reaction roles are available at the bottom of #Plot-overview channel. 

    If waiting on an individual member, please allow to pass before pinging  to allow for a work/life balance.


  • If a member involved in main plot leaves for any reason, it can be assumed that lore's magic being wonky is to blame

  • Please tag @Archives when you've completed a prompt!



This plot is completely optional.

Members do not have to participate in the site-wide plot to engage in RP in Lore. 

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