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Tell whoever you want. Who is going to believe you?

Existing on the threshold of real and imaginary, Lore is a city simultaneously whimsical and horriying.

Lore is a City of Faerietales, a City of Teeth, a City of the Lost, a City of Magic, a City of Monsters. Welcome Home.


Site see, shop, and learn. Explore the grand library, marketplace, and seasonal festivals in Lore.

Work in the magical industry.

Put your magic school degree to use. Develop the next sorcerer's stone or ring of power.


Live in non-human housing. Haunted & Monster-accessible housing available.


Talking animals, Fearsome Critters, Cryptids & Monsters


Magically Gifted & Lost Humans


Creatures from Myths, Legends, and Fairytales

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A Modern Mythpunk RPG

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Who lives in Lore?

Greetings from Lore.

Lore is a fairy-tale city existing on the threshold between real and imaginary, whimsical and horrifying. It is a home for those that don’t quite fit in anywhere else.

American Cryptids and Fearsome Critters make their home alongside creatures that the Real World assumes only exists in myths and legends. Vampires, werewolves, unicorns, and dragons coexist with fae, daemons, and the undead.

Humans make their way into Lore. Some are in possession of unusual powers or gifts. Others stumble here by accident, arriving after contact with a liminal space. Some of the LoreFolk can never leave. Some are afraid that, should they leave, they will never return.

Lore is not a secret.

It is a well-known destination in the supernatural community. Supernatural creatures from all over the world travel to this liminal space located in the United States to see the sights, set up shop, and spend some time away from the The Real World. Lore is famous for its various festivals, expansive library, and some of the best medical and magical treatment in North America.

Whether you're a werewolf without a pack, a witch without a coven, a dryad without a tree, or ever had the feeling that you're just not quite supposed to belong in the real world....

Welcome to Lore.

You're home.


Lore is home for those who don't fit in The Real World.

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