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Lorefolk accepts affiliates from both forum and discord based RPGs. We do not accept affiliates from non-RPG sites.

Advertisements are available to Server Members who have earned the Supporter Role by contributing to LoreFolk RPG. 

Affiliate with LoreFolk
  • Request must be made by Staff Member

  • Your Site must remain Active; Activity is based on our Discretion

  • Static Affiliates only: Our button must remain visible at all times. No scrolling or hidden affiliate locations.

  • Our Button must be displayed at time of request.


Thanks for affiliating! We update on the 15th or 30th of every month!


We welcome affiliation requests from other RPG sites and discord servers. Affiliating with us guarantees a Static Spot on the footer our website (visible on every page).


Please be aware that affiliation requests are fulfilled once a month on the 15th or 30th.

We prefer to affiliate with other modern supernatural or fantasy RPGs, but this is a preference rather than a rule. We moderate activity at our discretion. 


Our Button:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>


LoreFolk is a labor of love. Members who contribute to Lore by supporting us on ko-fi (the "Lore Store"), server boosting, or donating to charities in honor of LoreFolk are all eligible to have a banner linking to their social media, art portfolio, blog, website, etc of their choice.

At present, six members have contributed and requested links to charities be displayed in lieu of personal advertisements

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