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Archived Roleplays

As a courtesy, Lorefolk considers channels open after 21 days of no posting. Members are always welcome to pick back up their roleplays at any point--to help facilitate this process and enable members to have access to their roleplays should they chose to leave, LoreFolk maintains an archive of threads.

With unstable magic affecting the City of Lore, LoreFolk's setting has a built-in contingency to handle in-character narratives when out-of-character life makes posting a challenge.

Completely optional: Should a player whose character is heavily involved in a character arc leave, please feel free to "cite the magic" as a cause for in-character disappearances

In Character Contingency:


LoreFolk was originally a Jcink Roleplay and have maintained the forums for use of archiving. Please note that all links will open to a seperate website in a new window.

While Jcink is mobile accessible, it's not mobile friendly. We recommend viewing the archives on desktop functions. All archives are organized by Category, Channel, User, and Character.

The google doc embed below may take a moment to load. If it appears as a white box, feel free to click the "Open Doc" button at bottom.

Accessing the Archives:

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