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Character applications must be approved by a staff member before roleplaying.

Please review the following guidelines.

Character applications may submitted to the #submissions channel by copy/pasting text, uploading a word .docx, or sharing a google doc.



There is no limit to how many characters an individual may play.

There are no species restrictions.


There are no face claims. 


There are no name claims. However, we ask you to do your best to avoid direct use of the same First and Last name as an existing character.


While there is no official word limit for the threads, a moderator must be able to get a feel for your character's appearance, personality, Species Traits/Powers, and history. You may be asked to edit your application by a moderator; this does not mean your application is 'bad' in anyway, but simply that the staff team feels more information is needed in order for players to better understand your character.

Please submit profiles in third person.

If including images, please provide source.

Please submit your application using our template. As of January 2024, we are requesting all submissions use a plain (image/gif/music free, black text/white background, standard font) version of our application. Upon acceptance, members are allowed and welcome to personalize their own copy of their character application as long as the text content remains the same as our application template.


Google Doc:

Word Doc:

Completed character profiles may be submitted in the #submissions channel as plain text, a word doc (.doc), or a google doc.

A Staff Member will notify you when the character has been Accepted.


General Information

Character’s Full Name: (First, Middle, Last) *


Birthday: (Date, Month, year if Available)*


Gender: (If applicable)

Sexual Orientation: (If applicable)

Occupation: (If applicable)

Powers or Species Traits/Abilities:


Powers or Species Traits/Abilities:*

LoreFolk is flexible in accepting all types of species and powers related to folklore, mythology, legend, fairy tales, etc. We ask that you do your best to make sure your Species Traits or Powers are balanced with weaknesses. We recommend, for example, that you have at least 1 weakness for every Trait or Power listed. We recommend 2 weaknesses for every Major Power or Trait. This is not a hard rule and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

 Appearance and Personality:



If your character is an in-human creature utilizing a magical item to maintain a human form, please include descriptions of both.


This section does not need to be long, but must include enough details so another player can picture your character.


Suggestions include eye color, hair color, skin color, height, weight, noticeable distinguishing features (what’s the first thing someone looking at your character would notice), normal manner of dress, way of speaking, etc.


Players may include images that meet our Image Requirements in addition to a written description. Please, no NSFW images. Please include a source URL/link for image and artists permission when applicable.


Please provide a description of your character's personality. This section does not need to be long, but must include enough details so another player can picture your character's interactions. Suggestions Include: How does your character interact with the world on a daily basis? What drives your character to move forward, what does your character like or dislike? How does your character interact with friends, enemies, strangers?


Please include a brief history of your character. This does not need to be extensive, but should detail a bit about your character's development. You must include how your character wound up in Lore: Does your character already reside in Lore? Did your character stumble upon Lore by accident?



What would other characters in Lore know about your character? Gossip spreads throughout the market. This does not have to be accurate or truthful, but will provide an opportunity for other characters to know something about yours.

The Folk of Lore:


The Folk who reside in Lore are diverse in terms of species, abilities, powers, ethics, and moralities. Inhuman creatures, monsters, demon, yokai, talking animals, fae, and more are all common sites in the streets, marketplaces, buildings, and wilds surrounding Lore.


For convenience, many Inhuman Creatures have adopted a humanoid form. This may happen through the use of innate magic (such as glamours or shapeshifting) or through the use of the many magical items for sale in the Marketplace which may provide a Inhuman Creature with a Human or Humanoid form. The major buildings of Lore all have magic placed on them that allow gigantic or large creatures (such as dragons) to be "resized" temporarily to a proportional size to fit inside the building.


Many citizens of Lore have come to the city to work. For some, Lore offers a save haven and a chance to express their true forms after a long time of living In the Real World. Others have arrived seeking job opportunities after graduating; Lore is well-known for its employment in magical-related jobs. A common population of Lore are humans that have arrived to the city accidentally when in contact with a Liminal Space. Whether or not they will be able to leave Lore is uncertain; alternatively, some individuals may leave Lore and never return.


Visit our Wanted Characters:

Come Plot with Us:

Interested in playing but not sure what to make? Visit our Wanted Characters Page or the #Wanted-Ads Channel in our Discord for current member-requested characters.

Come plot with us in the #General-Plotting Channel. LoreFolk is about collaboration and creativity. If you have an idea, no matter how vague, come pitch it and we can find ways to bring your character right into the roleplay.


Magical Items:

We encourage the use of magical items in LoreFolk, however, these items should be used to enhance your characters' story rather than powers.


Like species, magical items will be reviewed on a case by case basis. For example, common magical items include jewelry, bracelets, or other trinkets that give non-human creatures the ability to take human form. These are sold throughout the market places and often exchanged as gifts by non-human creatures in Lore.


A vampire or other night-creature might obtain a magical item that enables her to walk in the sunlight, thus overriding one of the character’s weaknesses. However, this item should then limit their other powers in some way, such as making their other abilities weaker while in use, for example.


On Gods, Deities, and Specific Named Creatures:

LoreFolk highly discourages the application of characters that are Gods and Deities. These will be handled on a case by case basis. LoreFolk accepts gods, deities, and specific named creatures under very specific circumstances.


The first is that the character cannot be the god, deities, or specific creature but is instead an interpretation, avatar, incarnation or aspect of the the god, deities, or specific creature. For example, a player may app a character that is an Aspect of Odin, the Norse Alfather, but is not the Odin. A player may app a character that is a Lochness Monster, but is not the Lochness Monster. Your character may be Death, but is not the one and only Death.


The second is that god/deities are expected to be limited in their powers just as any other character. No god/deities is allowed to claim that they created Lore. No god/deity is allowed to destroy Lore.


The third is a reminder that many faiths and religious traditions OOC may still utilize Gods and Deities. While we encourage creativity and freedom in character creation, we discourage the use of the primary deity for many of the world's major religions. We ask all players creating characters based on a higher power to be mindful that this higher power may still be worshiped.


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