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Notable locations in Center City Lore include the Hospital, the Library, and City Hall. While a variety of businesses exist, these three locations seem to remain relatively stable despite Lore's fluctuating magic.


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The actual name of the hospital has been under debate for over a hundred of years. Regardless of the name, the hospital features some of the most innovative magical and medical treatment available. Medical doctors work along side witchdoctors, healers, clerics, and witches to provide comprehensive care for a variety of patients, supernatural or otherwise.

The hospital has one of the best Trauma & Curse Centers in the United States and residents and professionals from all over the world travel to study and work at Lore's Central Hospital.

Despite the advances in medicine and magic, even the most skilled sorcerers and doctors are unable to fix every ailment that comes through the door. The physicians and healers do their best to make sure patients are as comfortable as possible despite the prognosis.

The Library of Lore is a public, not-for-profit institution located in the heart of Center City. One of Lore's most famous destinations, the library includes an ever-growing collection of magical and mundane texts. The library hosts numerous librarians and staff to manage the collection, keep the books free of dust and Book Wyrms trying to steal them for their hoard, and to find and direct the regular new visitors who wander into Lore when they get lost in the stacks of their own library. 

The library ascends 13 floors upwards and features spiral staircases, round rooms for studying and reading, dark paneled wood features, and wide, ceiling-length windows for ample light at all hours of the day and night.

Rumor has it that the a vast sub-basement for archives beneath the library contains rare and forbidden magical objects.


Located in the very heart of Lore, City Hall is one of the oldest and most magical buildings in all of Lore. Enchanted so that any creature of any size or shape could navigate the building comfortably, City Hall provides services ranging from the mundane (permits, weddings, parking tickets) to the magical (lost magic objects, adaptability spells, non-human housing).

The Lore Policy Department (LPD) is also housed in City Hall. The LPD utilizes the utmost skills and technologies in forensic investigation, but due to Lore's fluctuating magic, there are still crimes that may slip beneath the radar. 

The Council of Seven host a variety of offices in City Hall. While a few of the "out" Council Members hold offices and take regular meetings with the public, most of the council offices are held by intermediaries that navigate the various concerns that arise on a day-to-day basis living in Lore.

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