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The magic of Lore is powerful, but fluctuating. As a result, it can be unstable and affect individual citizens differently.

While travel in and out of Lore is stable for most beings, especially those that use magic, some find they are unable to ever leave the city. Taking a train, subway, car, or other mode of transportation will have the citizen arriving at the same station over and over again without ever escaping.

Wandering through the woods or outskirts will have the citizen wind up in a circle.

The council and other interested magic users look into individual cases often, but sometimes the prognosis is terminal: for some unknown reason, the citizen will just be trapped in the city until a solution can be found.

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Lore is a relative safe haven for magical creatures and humans. However, some citizens become made aware that, due to fluctuations in magic, should they ever leave Lore it is unlikely that they will ever be able to return.

While Lore is a city of dreams or of nightmares depending on the beholder, knowing that one can never return should they leave offers a wide variety of pressure.

Some citizens, having threatened damage or exposure to Lore, may be exiled should they leave for the protection of the city.

Some magic users can attempt to act as fences to bring in exiled monsters, humans, or other creatures back into the city and will charge a high price for this service, though with the fluctuating magic, there is never a complete guarantee this will work. 

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