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The City of Lore is headed by The Council, most often called by the Council of Seven. The Council does their best to maintain a relative order to the chaos that is Lore. They dedicate their lives to the service of the city and are responsible for overseeing many policy decisions that affect the Lore.

The Council Members are considered some of the most powerful beings in Lore and, as a result, the council seats are highly coveted for the status they bring. More than a few assassinations attempts in Lore’s history have caused some of the council members to retain secrecy. Gossip ensues about who might hold some of the more secretive council seats.

 Each Council Seat represents one of Lore's seven districts. The districts have elected officials who meet in the City Building and navigate the political side of Lore. The Council is able to offer their final approval or disapproval after exploring how the proposal will affect the magic of Lore.

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The Council Seats require the ability to generate, maintain, or manage large amounts of fluctuating magic. As a result, those who hold the council seats are considered some of the most powerful beings in Lore.


Powerful doesn't mean immortal; assassination attempts and successes have led several council members to prefer to keep their position a secret. Rumors, gossip, and lies surround who might hold a coveted seat.

The Council Seats:

The Seat of Sunday: Kolya Zar-Ptakski, a Firebird

The Seat of Monday: Currently Unknown

The Seat of Tuesday: Joanna Appleseed, a druid

The Seat of Wednesday: William G. Buffalo, aka Buffalo Bill, a Talking Buffalo

The Seat of Thursday: Unknown

The Seat of Friday: Makawee, a Deer Woman

The Seat of Saturday: Unknown

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