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Hunting in Lore is a complicated issue. With hunting being a natural part of so many creatures' natures and livelihoods, it is only natural to discover that Lore earned one of its many nicknames (The city of Teeth) as a result of its inclusive hunting policies. 

Sections of the woods are open to hunting year round and the trees in such regions are marked on the perimeter. However, as the trees have a tendency to move when they would like, travelers are encouraged to stick to the trails.

It is unlawful to hunt someone without their permission. As such, proceed with caution when someone asks to take you out--it might not be for a date.

A Black Werewolf

Each full moon, the resident shapeshifter population (particularly the Werewolves) hold a Wild Hunt. A section of the city is chosen in advance and The Great Stag Spirit, which returns to life each new Moon, is hunted through the streets. This celebration may take place in the woods during the winter months for an additional challenge.

The Shapeshifter Council allows spectators to watch the hunt throughout the streets. Older, more experienced shifters manage those who might experience bloodlust or have difficulties with hunts to prevent them from harming spectators.

The Shapeshifter Council Encourages all shifters who are carnivorous to come join the hunt

A Black Deer in Lore

The Jackalopes are a native species of Lore that resemble large rabbits with antlers. While normally a relatively benign creature, the Jackalopes work themselves into a frenzy during their brief breeding season. They cause extensive damage to the city by eating everything they can: gardens, crops, piping, walls, magic. They are also responsible for laying a vast quantity of brightly colored eggs throughout the town that must be collected before they hatch into more jackalopes.

The hunt has widely been touted as a method to curb the Jackalope population from starvation due to overbreeding, prevent excessive destruction to the city, and protect other native species that would be displaced by the excessive number of jackalopes. Participants come to hunt both the delicious eggs and the jackalope themselves. The festival is significant part of Lore's culture, with shops, restaurants, hotels, and more outfitting themselves in preparation of the event.

In recent years, the hunt also brings in a large number of protesters. Protesters suggest that the hunt of the jackalopes violates Lore's safe haven rules, since for a whole month it is legal to kill the creatures. The protesters also encourage a non-lethal mean to curb the population, especially given that the city would eventually regenerate over time. They also argue that it is cruel to kill a creature that might have human-like sentience when other options have not been explored.

A Black Jackalope in Lore
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