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Agriculture in Lore is a complicated business. While the soil outside of Lore is rich and fertile, especially near the river where floods and overflows provide magic and nutrients to the land, it is still susceptible to the whims of nature.


Common crops grown outside of Lore include pumpkin, corn, potatoes, mushrooms, wheat, and tobacco. Beef cattle and sheep are the most popular livestock, though the accidental murder of a Talking Animal visiting a farm in 1989 has caused controversy regarding slaughtering techniques.


Several farmers grow unusual or magical crops. This can cause ire with the local fae, many of whom feel that agriculture for magical crops goes against nature. 

The folk that live in the idylic farm communities outside of Lore may be suspicious of the City-Folk, but still invite them every fall for corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and apple picking.

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