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The City of Lore hosts several festivals and cultural events throughout the year. Rumor has it that the energy produced by the participants of the festivals helps to fuel the magic of Lore. Many supernatural creatures from all over the world travel to Lore to attend the many festivals, which helped Lore earn the title The City of Festivals & The City of Teeth.



Each year, on the night of the Summer Solstice, the elusive Fern Flower blooms somewhere in the Woods of Lore. The rare, magical flower is highly sought after for its magical components: the flower is rumored to grant miracles.

Hundreds of folk flock to Lore for the chance to find the flower, but only one person manages to find the bloom each year.

Summer Festival.png

Festival Plot Ideas:

  • Your character hosts another character in their home for the flower festival.

  • Your character gets lost in the woods searching for the elusive flower.


For three days each May, the Cemetery and Catacombs come alive for the Day of the Undead Festival (which, despite the name, begins at Sundown).


The food at the Day of the Undead Festival is to die for. A 21+ blood bar features donor blood from human and inhuman creatures mixed with premium spirits distilled in Lore's distileries. The flesh of various creatures is served in both cooked and raw form. Live blood donors are designated with a wrist band and are paid by the city for offering their blood to the undead community.


Businesses that cater to the Undead have set up stalls advertising their wares and services. Undead from all over the world travel to Lore to network and celebrate with Lore's Undead Community.

Day of the Undead.png

Festival Plot Ideas:

  • Your character is mistaken for a blood donor and seeks help from another character.

  • Your Undead character arrives in Lore for the festival, only to find themselves guiding a frightened character who has spilled brains all over themself to a safe spot.

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