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Housing in Lore tends to be equivalent to the larger, more expensive cities within the USA. Many that find themselves in Lore unexpectedly find themselves offering favors, rumors, or secrets to pay for short-term housing.

Often, it's said that the rent is too damn high.

Creatures who are unable to pass for human in the real world find that Lore has a surprising number of non-human housing available at an affordable rate. Many folk get lucky and find just the right residence, but others find themselves living in their nightmare rather than dream home.

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The vast majority of apartments for rent exist in the districts between Center City and Suburbia.


Architecture can vary in apartments. Huge, modern complexes might exist next to sublet Victorian homes or sprawling Gothic cathedrals. Most larger apartment complexes have strict magic clauses that prevent teleportation, scrying, or other privacy measures inside of apartments. These services can be expensive and smaller, family-owned apartments may not have these measures.

Though it is unlawful to discriminate, in some neighborhoods with large populations of a particular species, landlords may prioritize tenants with certain powers or abilities, whether it's intentional or not.

Homes can be found all over Lore, from the comfortable houses in Center City and Suburbia to the far flung cabins in the woods. Homes are more common for long-term residents and citizens of Lore.


With favors as a currency, many home owners are willing to open their doors to new arrivals and will offer a few nights stay knowing full well that they can collect on the favor later.

With such a diverse population, some neighborhoods have earned nicknames based on the majority demographic, such as Wolf-Town and its high population of werewolves and shapeshifters. This can cause some areas of town to develop a reputation as dangerous (or safe) that may not be entirely deserved.

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