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The City of Lore is located within a liminal space in the United States of America and, as a result, accepts United States Currency as its default form of payment. Because of the variety of supernatural creatures, Favors, Rumors, and Secrets may be bargained at a variety of locations, including the Goblin Marketplace.


The most sought after form of Non-USA Currency in the city of Lore, Favors are in high demand throughout the city. Many stores have a magical pact system where, by a drop of blood, hair, or fingernail clipping, a person can "pay in advance" with a favor of equal value to the product or service received that, when cashed, will summon the person responsible for fulfilling the favor. Other locations have a "at your word" policy and will call upon the individual offering the favor when needed. Prospective buyers are encouraged to be as specific as possible when offering a favor; the fae in particular have a reputation for looking for loopholes in offered favors.


While not as popular as Favors or Secrets, Rumors take a place of purchase in the Goblin Market and other magical auction sites in Lore where useful information is valued as much as cash. A good rumor can give the receiver leverage in a conversation and allow him to seek out a person of interest before anyone else. The Rumors Section of a Character Profile is a good idea of what common rumors may be traded at the Market, though the accuracy of these rumors is always up for debate.


Next to Favors in desirability but less popular than Rumors, Secrets hold a Special Place as Currency in the City of Lore. Because secrets are so hard to keep, kept secrets are considered especially valuable currency in Lore and some businesses have found a way to leverage them into a sizable sum of gold, jewels, or hard cash. Breaking a secret is a rare occurrence unless it results in a sizable advantage for the secret breaker, so it is always best to be cautious when dealing in secrets in the City of Lore.


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