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Wanted Plot: The Past Catching Up

Requested by Tomes

The Past Catching Up


I imagine, despite her somewhat distanced nature, that Miya has had at least one 'relationship' in the past. I guess it wouldn't have been too serious, at least from her side but since time has a different meaning to her, it may just have been a thing of multiple years. How things ended up in seperation is something I'd be entirely willing to discuss and plot out.

I imagine a regular mortal or even a mortal with longer lifespan wouldn't have been a candiadate for something final for Miya, seeing as she is immortal. That may very well be part of the reason why things didn't work out in the end.

Personally, I'd be eyeing a thing from some hundred years back and the partner in question finding Miya in Lore (or having followed her there). Miya may just have 'forgotten' it as well. All the drama.

I'm pretty open about the characer details here, so if you have an idea and feel like it, hit me up.

Number of Desired Participants

One or two past relations would be perfect.

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