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Plot Wanted: An Enemy for Yoka



Wanted Character/Plot:

An Enemy for Yoka. 


 Yoka, should she live long enough, will become immortal and near god-like in power. While Yoka has survived past her 500th birthday, she has another 400 years to go. There are several beings who would rather Yoka did not become immortal and want to kill her while she's still mortal.

Possible Reasons Yoka is an enemy:
xx She interrupted a magical spell
xx She stole a magic component
xx She's an ex and things ended poorly
xx She knows a secret
xx Her eventual abilities could kill 

I'm open to any number of suggestions for this, but I'd love Yoka having an antagonist/rival or two here in Lore! 

Number of Desired Participants:

Many, many, many. 
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