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Character Wanted: A Dwayyo Enemy for Snallygaster




The Dwayyo is a wolf-like cryptid from Marlyland that is most notable as being the long-standing enemy of the Snallygaster, a dragon-like creature heralding from the same region. This character is wanted for a Revenge Plot and/or possible ship.

I'd love someone to make a Dwayyo to be my Snallygaster's long-term rival and enemy.....and uh maybe love interest

In this storyline, your dwayyo is responsible for having banished the snallygaster to the city of Lore. The circumstances surrounding the banishment are unclear; the snallygaster feels that the dwayyo cheated or tricked him. Whether or not your dwayyo actually tricked the snallygaster or if the snallygaster is just bitter at being defeated, that's up to you. Regardless, the snallygaster has been unable to leave Lore since being banished there and has been plotting his revenge.

Your dwayyo will be returning to Lore for the first time since banishing the Snallygaster approximately 50-60 years ago. Upon arriving, your dwayyo will be surprised to find the Snallygaster has been thriving in the city, is quite wealthy, and not appearing not-at-all to be suffering like he should be. Your dwayoo will be the target of revenge for the snallygaster, who now has significant influence in the city and has spread negative rumors throughout the city about your snallygaster.

We can plot the course of development for this plot if you're interested. Whether it ends in a deepening hatred or a potential ship is also debatable.

Desired Number of Participants:

Probably one.

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