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Kolya by Bijou Baby

Kolya Zarski

Firebird. Former Rockstar. Cursed.

Relationship Status: It's Complicated
Council Member at The Council of Seven
Approximately 28 Years.
Lives in an apartment called Discordant Heights.

While Kolya's character profile provides more information on Kolya as a character, this at-a-glance section is here to serve the interests of those who might be interested in plotting and reflects current character developments.​

Details may contain themes of physical and mental illness and injury, abuse and manipulation, violence, and drug/alcohol use.

At a Glance:


  • Tired and Sickly looking--too thin, glassy eyes, bitten fingernails.

  • Blue eyes, pale skin, dark hair with undercut.

  • Wears skinny jeans, mismatched socks, and long sleeved t-shirts.

  • Always fidgeting or avoiding eye contacts.

  • Smells faintly of cigarettes and burned cinnamon.


  • Wants Everyone to like him desperately

  • Docile. Unprepared for supernatural life.

  • Anxious. Prone to Panic attacks.


  • Firebird. Produces Hope. Generates Magic.

  • Cursed. Dying over and over again from a slow, painful death.

Kolya by Tweek
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Reputation & Plot Options:

The General Public is familiar with Kolya Zarski as the singer and guitarist for the popular rock band, LIghtbulb Fatigue. Kolya disappeared following a tour bus fire and is presumed dead by most of the general public. Some fans suspect it was a publicity stunt, but as the years go by more and more people assume he is dead. Kolya had a reputation as being good in bed

Plot Options:

  • Kolya and OC recognize each other from "real world." OC may be surprised to learn Kolya is alive. Kolya is willing to do almost anything to keep that a secret.

  • OC learns that Kolya is on the council and seeks a bargain, favor, or request. Kolya wants to help and is really bad at his job.

Friends are aware of Kolya outside of his anxiety. Eager to please--almost at the expense of his well-being--Kolya is curious and interested in learning more about people. It can be hard to get past his tired, scared, worn-out shell.

Plot Options:

  • Kolya attempts to do something nice for a friend.

  • Kolya and a friend attempt an outing.

  • These events go well or backfire.

Hospital and Medical Employees are generally concerned with Kolya's well-being. Clearly unwell, it's often difficult to establish if Kolya's problems are the curse that is killing him, the effects of his mental health, or his poor coping.

Plot Options:

  • Kolya gets a lot of stupid injuries that he tries to self-treat. Kolya needs someone to treat him but he won't make it easy.

Those with Nefarious Intent can see Kolya as a prize to be had. The magical equivalent of a rechargeable battery, Kolya's body is a prized possession for fueling spells and abilities. Kolya is not only naïve and docile, he's also lonely, making him an easy target for those with darker intentions.

Plot Options:

  • Kolya is so easy to exploit and can make a Big Bad even bigger and badder. The downside is, after a while, Kolya's powers have a built in self-destruct button. How long can your OC keep using him before it backfires?

Significant Relationships

Close Friendships:

Ember Bennu:

  • Played By Grey

  • The first Phoenix Kolya has met beyond himself , Ember has become one of Kolya's closest and most trusted friends. While Kolya remains oblivious to Ember's dark past, he has started to open himself up to magic and the consequences of his own past under Ember's gentle guidance.

Tez Gann:

  • Played By World Devourer

  • Tez originally stumbled into Kolya's apartment while drunk and then returned to steal his milk, which led Kolya to believe his house was haunted. After an unlikely series of events, the two have become friends (with occasional benefits). Tez still breaks into Kolya's house to check on him (and his plants) from time to time.

Kolya and Charmaine by Tweek

It's Complicated:

Iolana Dionysis:

  • Played By Botch

  • Kolya's relationship with his ex-girlfriend (and ex-manager) became complicated. After discovering Iolana had been manipulating him, Kolya ended their relationship and, unbeknownst to him, Iolana ended his life. Kolya came to Lore and accepted a curse in the hopes of hiding from her to sort things out but she has since reappeared. One thing is for certain: no bogeyman is as terrifying to Kolya as his ex.

Kolya and Ember by Grey


Charmaine Dionysis:

  • Played By Botch

  • A Satyr with a curse, Charmaine is a friend and occasional lover. The two share a disdain for the outside world and a connection over the consequences of their respective curses.


  • Played By Koz

  • A Demi-God Detective, Kolya hired Bacon and his partner, Antionette, to help Kolya with the curse. Bacon has quickly become a cow-boy father figure.

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Thread Summary

Main Plot, Act I:

  • LINK to Thread

  • Tez (WD), Charmaine (Botch), Johan (Omino), Genevieve (Pij), Silver (Silver Ink)

  • The Council of Seven developed a task force to assist with breaking the curse that haunts the Seat of Sunday, the council Chair Kolya currently occupies. After refusing to leave his apartment, Genevieve shoots him and Kolya finally agrees to leave provided he gets medical attention.

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