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Welcome to LoreFolk, a modern mythpunk RPG. Please review our Rules, Premise, and Character Guide before beginning your Roleplay Experience. Click the Discord Button to join our server.



Best Described as a Modern Mythpunk or Supernatural Slice-of-Life, LoreFolk is a modern 18+ RP centered around the lives of American cryptids, fearsome critters, supernatural creatures, gifted humans, and other folk who stumble into the liminal city of Lore.

LoreFolk has no word count or species restrictions. We encourage plotting, collaboration, and creativity.

 We are a small community of experienced players and we are excited to welcome you to Lore




Modern Fantasy Setting


LoreFolk takes place in the liminal city of Lore, located in the State of Nowhere, USA. Lore is a home to  cryptids, fearsome critters, lost humans, and supernatural monsters.

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Small, 18+ Community


Our community focuses on plotting, collaboration, and creativity. A sandbox site,  our members tell the Story of Lore in free-form posts or by joining the site-wide RP.

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No Species Restrictions


From talking animals, gifted humans, supernatural creatures, fearsome critters, cryptids, and more, LoreFolk allows you the creativity in your character choice. 

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Come Say Hello to us on Discord! We welcome guests to look around with no pressure to stay (though we'd love to have you!) You can preview us here.

Have questions? Feel free to ask in our #LoreFolk-Chatter channel.


Use @LoreFolk Staff for help by summoning a Staff Member.

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