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Lore exists in a liminal space between the threshold of reality. A well known destination in the supernatural community, many folk travel to Lore intentionally by seeking out between-spaces. The most common points of entry exist at the Service Plaza and Transportation Center, but there are many unique ways into the city as there are supernatural beings.

Not everyone arrives in Lore on purpose. Humans especially have a knack for getting lost and turning up to the city, though supernatural creatures and animals can arrive by accident, too.

unicorn 01.png

I arrived in Lore in 1997 when I walked through a patch of fog by the river just before dawn. When the fog cleared, I was standing in the Marketplace in Center city.

Being a talking goat during the Satanic Panic was no easy feat. I packed my bags and headed to Lore. I came in by opening the basement door in an abandoned house. Wound up walking out of  a closet in City Hall!

human lost.png

I hadn't cleaned my closet in like, a really long time. When I finally got through all of the junk, I discovered a pair of pants I hadn't worn in six years and a door that led to gas station here in Lore.


I was missed my subway stop on the way home. When I exited at the next stop, I was standing on the Subway platform at the Transportation Center!

Other Gateways to Lore

  • Taking a wrong exit off the highway at night

  • Visiting a fast food chain in a new city

  • Taking the wrong path in the woods

  • Getting lost in a corn maze

  • Empty parking lots

  • Midnight during the first snowfall of the year

  • Jumping into a water fountain

  • Falling down a well

  • Climbing too high in an old tree

  • Stepping in a mushroom circle

  • Turning off the lights in the basement

  • Waiting rooms

  • the inside of a cabinet

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