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Lore is a melting pot of humans and creatures from myth, legends, folklore, and fairytale. The fearsome critters of North America live side by side with fae, yokai, shapeshifters, demons, talking animals, humans, and more. The architecture varies as much as the residents; towering skyscrapers are wedged next to row homes, gothic castles, Japanese pagodas, and massive tree houses, to name a few. The Seven Pointed Star, the symbol of Lore, can be found on many buildings, banners, and signs throughout the city.


Lore is a city where time and place describe their relationship as It’s Complicated.


With so many unique cultures intermixing, Lore can be described as having at atmosphere of paranoid peace.


In the City Center and Marketplace, it is not uncommon to see dragons and unicorns negotiating prices with humans in business suits. Fae in variety of unique fashions may trade wares with Yokai. Talking animals navigate the city comfortably and a bear and an owl might share a beer after a long day of work.


The language charms enable all are understood and the rules of consent ensure at least a rudimentary level of law and order, though misunderstandings and crime are possible and do occur.


In the suburbs and residential communities, species may congregate together to form communities that gain nicknames such as Wolf-Town, where a large population of werewolves and other shapeshifters congregate, or Little Hell, a subset of the Cemetery where demons and other infernal beings make their home.


Determining a truly safe or unsafe region of Lore is challenging.


Are the woodland homes of an affluent fae community safer than the slums inhabited by trolls beneath the city bridges?


Not every citizen of Lore finds the bustle of city life appealing. The Outskirts of the town and Liminal Spaces slowly fade into the Real World, but the lands are still inhabited by all manner of folk who prefer the sound of wind in the tree branches to the rush of traffic.


Even the most reclusive resident of the Outskirts can be tempted to participate in one of Lore’s many festivals or events.

The Council of Seven dedicate their lives to ensuring Lore is not only a safe haven from the Real World, but a place to work, play, and live.

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Camden Leeds

Ultimately, whether the experience of Lore is of a friendly, welcoming haven embracing you like lost family or a monstrous city full of sharp teeth waiting to devour you is entirely in the eye of the beholder.

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